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How to use PTZ Controller Function introduction


1. What's the difference between PTZ keyboard hardware and PTZ Controller software?
2. How to connect PTZ camera with the computer?
3. How to test the serial port connection between PTZ camera and the computer?
4. Can PTZ Controller control multiple PTZ cameras?
5. Can PTZ Controller work with multiple serial ports?
6. How to control Sony EVI-D series cameras with PTZ Controller?
7. Does PTZ Controller work for IP camera?
8. Why I can not register with my paid registration code?
9. Do I need to pay for upgrade from v1.x to v2.x?
10. Is it possible to add other protocols to PTZ Controller?
11. Is it possible to integrate PTZ Controller into my application?
12. Is it possible to use PTZ Controller function with my own GUI?
13. Does PTZ Controller works with my PTZ Dome?
14. Why PTZ Controller can not be installed on my computer?
15. Why PTZ Controller can not be launched after installation?
16. Why my PTZ camera has no respond to PTZ Controller?
17.Why On Screen Display Menu can not be opened by PTZ Controller?
18. Why I can not select OSD menu items in PTZ Controller?